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Re: Currently Untitled JJverse Next Gen Production

I like this idea but only if it were reimagined. Trying to connect the dots is too much baggage to deal with. An alternate history reboot would suffice. I do think the ship/crew should be recreated. No windows on the ship - just closed viewing ports. how about Julien Picard this time and no Crushers or Rikers. Deckers and no doctors on the bridge let alone a Betazoid empathic (witch). Mix it up. Change it around, or do you want to be as rigid as Picard and Riker were. They were Herberts and reminded me of Frank Burns and Donald Pinopscott of MASH. Don't make it a prequel. Recreate it and take some liberties with it. TNG wasn't Sherlock Holmes, but I agree with a multi overarcing mystery that is interconnected to something larger that could resonate later.
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