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Re: concept art and set photos!

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Q: You worked with Production Designer Scott Chambliss on this film. What's he like to work with?
Interesting. He is a designer who looks for inspiration online. Every week he would find something that we should incorporate. He doesn't have a classical design education so designing something new is not really in his vocabulary. He is a very nice guy, I just don't think he should do Sci-Fi.

Q: The designs are very original, but still captures the feel of the television design. What were the ship designs based on?
Scott had the idea of putting 3 towers together. I would have loved to design the most b***h'n Warbirds. I could not see 3 arbitrary towers moving in space, no directional orientation...
He's a very nice guy, I just think he lacks the education and creativity to work in this genre, and his ideas are derivative and untenable.

Jeesh. I know he was asked the question, but I think it's kind of rude and unprofessional to throw a peer in your field under the bus out of the blue like that. I mean, if the guy gave you a hard time on the job or was critical of your work publicly, I could understand responding that way, but Helker made no complaints of that sort and said he was a nice guy. It probably won't affect Chambliss' ability to find work at all, but it might have with the bad word of mouth.
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