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Re: Star Trek Continues "Pilgrim of Eternity"

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I thought it was a very good followup to the original episode with Apollo. I swear that James Doohan has come back to life through his son. Scotty lives!

The only thing that bothered me was Kirk kept having meetings with his senior staff trying to come to a "consensus" as to what to do with Apollo. He actually took a vote?? What? The Kirk I knew would ask for suggestions but would never "command by vote." It made him look weak in my opinion.

The sets, props, etc. were outstanding (although a bit wobbly in some scenes) - it really felt like a true episode of TOS!
I didn't have a problem with the first two senior staff meetings as Kirk would often have a meeting to discuss the episode's ethical conundrum, and he would have had a follow up had circumstances changed in the episode. My only problem was the third meeting which I felt was extraneous... Kirk could have simply had essentially the same dialogue in the medical bay with Spock and McCoy and announced his decision.

That was really my only problem with the structure of the story, but I still felt it was very true to TOS and certainly felt like a continuation of the show. My only other quibble was Grant Imahara... he was trying to channel Takei too much. There were moments he nailed an other's where he was too over the top... just sit back and relax.

Otherwise thoroughly enjoyable.

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