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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

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What, the whale probe ? I wouldn't call that an antagonist.
From Wiki:

The antagonist may also represent a major threat or obstacle to the main character by their very existence, without necessarily deliberately targeting him or her.
But I was obviously talking about Bob. Duh!

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So I know the real world parallel rationale for Khan was the Joker, as in that they had to use the most recognizable villain*. But what is the rationale for the Borg?
Cinematic escalation.

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Picking the Borg seems somewhat fanboyish.
How so?

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On top of that, since a villain seems to be a necessity, that would almost have to not be a Borg Queen type because wasn't that one of the big criticisms of First Contact? That the Borg Queen was weakening the concept of the Borg and making it seem very cliche? When the Borg were at their best, they were not characters, they were basically zombies or set pieces, giving them real terror. Giving them a very human face full of many human flaws removed any of that.
I never had a problem with the Queen per se. It was how they used her that was always the problem, which is too bad because I think both Krige and Thompson did a great job.

People like to rave about how great early Borg where, but really, they were the conceptual equivalent to Dystopian Fiction for Dummies. While they may have presented a potentially interesting premise, it's was never something that would be greatly missed. And, honestly, too much would have to be sacrificed to really make the concept work.

OTOH, the Borg's very existence was a paradoxical conundrum. You can't have an entire race of automatons that have a working consciousness and are self-aware.

Locutus was the first answer to this problem. But after that was done, they couldn't dive into that bin again, so they went with the more obvious hive queen.

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Zombie movies are definitely prevalent, but they most certainly do not sell.
Only because most zombies films are restricted to a unpopular film genre. The few zombie movies that have branched-out into other genres have been very successful.

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"Because Nero," won't cut it.
Sure it will. There's a logical succession:

"Nero blew up Vulcan. Marcus made a new ship."

In the next movie:

"Marcus made the new ship with some alien technology Admiral Archer discovered back in the day."

"And it cannae help him find beagle?!"

So on and so forth.

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It just feels out of place. The analogy I've used before is, let's say for some awful reason they decided to reboot Cheers. Then for some reason they decided to focus a good portion of a story in Seattle with Frasier's family and radio show. That's what it feels like to do the Borg.
Actually, it would be more like remaking Cheers, and this time have Niles come in with Frasier from time to time.

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what do you think the odds are of them staying faceless and without a Borg Queen if used in a movie?
Five words:

"Jenny Lawrence, Star Trek poster."


"There will be a queen."
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