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Re: Currently Untitled JJverse Next Gen Production

This is a bold fanfilm idea - a TNG reboot.

I like when people do something a bit different. I checked PrinceHamlette's DeviantART but the images are all locked for some reason.

One thing I should warn you about is Paramount or whoever it is don't like JJverse fan films, they have put down a couple of projects. Maybe you could just call it an alternate timeline? being 24th Century where they're in the Kirk era might not matter.

Timeline-wise, I'd work ot a rough timeline by bullet pointing, e.g:

- Picard gradautes from Starfleet
- meets Beverley Howard
- attends wedding
- joins the crew of the Stargazer

So you plan to introduce Picard on the Stargazer then later the Enterprise-D - that's great a 'prequel' to TNG would be fun with Jack & Beverley Crusher, Guinan and others who helped formalise Picard's early years.

It'd be interesting to see how you reimagine the rest of the crew.

If I were rebooting that era I would include characters even just in a minor way from DS9 and Voyager, maybe have a EMH onboard and even have DS9 as a regular visiting spot, of course with older TOS people appearing too. Take the opportunity of that humongous canvas drawn between 1987-2002. The Sky's the Limit

What have you produced before? 5 episodes of at least 60mins is hugely ambitious, maybe you should take it step-by-step.

I think it could be fun to revisit TNG in a new and different way. I look forward to seeing your future plans!
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