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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

Ryan8bit wrote: View Post
Locutus, what do you think the odds are of them staying faceless and without a Borg Queen if used in a movie?
Probably pretty slim.

They usually want the audience to connect with the hero's and the villain's faces to humanize them and so you can see them emote. Which is why we so often see Spider-Man and Iron Man and their enemies inexplicably taking their face masks off in the middle of a fight. They'll even give computer programs faces sometimes to convey emotion. It's been a while since we've had a faceless "villain" like the HAL-9000 with just the single red eye, but even that still managed to follow you around the room. Or Darth Vader with the unmoving facial expression that still managed to show anguish when Luke was being electrocuted by the play of light and shadow across his face and the tilt of his head.

So there's a pretty strong incentive to give your villain an avatar, a face or a representative we can relate to and fear because they're like us, but different. Picard as Locutus was the precursor to the Borg Queen in that respect, though with less individuality and emotion.

But I thought that the lack of that was what made the Borg so terrifying and alien at first, even though they're not actually even a species, but rather a collection of them. They had people aboard their ships, but they were little more than larger versions of nanoprobes themselves; tools to keep the "body" of the Cube operational and perform tasks, and act as the individual microprocessors in what was essentially one giant computer.

There's no negotiating with something you can't relate to in any way, that doesn't see you as anything other than a resource to possess or an obstacle to destroy.

Norsehound wrote: View Post
Speaking for myself I guess, I'm tired of the Borg. I'm tired of them turning up in every game or expanded media effort since Next Generation. They are the go-to antagonists for almost everything in Star Trek nowadays. If you need a large-scale cosmic problem, Blame it on the Borg.

The borg aren't even that interesting or impressive as antagonists. Stiff-bodied drones that either ignore you or take over your body and are lead by a monologue-spouting queen. They have no other character than this portrayal so I find them really boring and one-dimensional. The whole core of their menace is taking you over, being unstoppable, and I guess body horror.

The Klingons on the other hand don't rely on being invincible, body-horror absorption, and have many personalities and faces to make dialogue and characterization interesting. Becuase they're not unstoppable it means their plans are more crafty and interesting than just move in and assimilate. Moreover it doesn't seem like a Magic Bullet is needed to defeat them, and it's not so much of a let down when they are.

The most enjoyable Trek-eras, in my opinion, are ones where this omnicidal cosmic horror are not present or considered in the setting. So I'm hoping we won't run into the Borg, because I think Star Trek is more fun without them in it taking over everything.
That's fair, and I understand completely where you're coming from. I just think they can still be useful and entertaining as antagonist, and ideally I'd make some tweaks to them if I could.
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