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Re: Orci: Why This Certain Villain

YES! That is the argument to make. To many people are trying to make the "why do Khan at all" argument. There is an easy answer to that question. These are the first guys to reboot this franchise, you always play with the best toys first. This is a common theme in Comic Books when a new team takes over Batman OF COURSE they do their own take on Joker and Penguin and yadda yadda.

The real argument is why did they go with the Henri Ducard fake identity gimmick? Clearly that is why they never reveled the real villains name in trailers and such even though it was a badly kept secret.

Ultimately though Orci and Kurtzman said on the Empire Online Podcast that they can't keep people away from spoilers but they aren't going to bend to them just because they chose to read spoilers ahead of time. They said the Khan reveal was the reward for those who chose not to be spoiled ahead of time.
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