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Re: Babylon 5 - Why 'Sinclair' left the show

I seem to remember Doyle made a number of claims about O'Hare including claiming he hit on an intern.
It's not just Doyle though, I was at a Q&A session with Claudia Christian and Peter Jurassic they not only told the story about a regular being sacked for sexual harrasment (though they didn't name him. Apparently as a result the remaining cast were asked to sign "We promise not to perve over co-workers" style agreements that were met with some mockery), but when asked "Who was the biggest diva?" responded as one with "Michael O'Hare"

It looks as if no one else knew of the bigger problems he was having and just bore the brunt of the after effects without realising why he was behaving so oddly. Now this has been made public knowledge, they might change their views of him.
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