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The TOS Scotty would have had no problems with new torpedoes.

In truth, the modified (suspended animation) torpedoes need to be called drones--at least we know the JJprise can deliver a full broadside. I assume the neck torps are TOS ball lightning blobs

Now I actually identified with Admiral Marcus a bit, the speech about who is going to protect starfleet""

I think Kirk took that to heart.

Having Spock and Kirk swtich roles (Khan's healing blood was telegraphed early so I wasn't really worried--but the scene worked until the "Khaaan" bit).

I was hoping Khan might actually be a good guy at the end of the movie and serve on the Enterprise, finally giving us closure to Space Seed. Khan would be given a new world and no one dies.

I loved Enterprise in the ocean. The do anything ship.

Saw the NIF chamber for the warp core

The only thing I hated was the Vengence's sound effect as it overtook the Enterprise. What was that? A motorboat?

Khan and Spock have similar strength, so I liked the fight.

Saw a Kazon/Trabe ship hover at Earth--modified by Eaves?

Now the JJprise looks to have a more extensive impulse deck
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