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Re: Dukat and other thoughts while ending Season 5

I'm watching Extreme Measures now and I get the feeling that there has been Bashir/O'Brien slashfic written based on this scene:

O'BRIEN: That's what'll upset her the most. She always said I liked you more than I liked her.
BASHIR: That's ridiculous.
O'BRIEN: Right. Yeah.
BASHIR: Well maybe you do, a bit more.
O'BRIEN: What? Are you crazy? She's my wife. I love her.
BASHIR: Of course you love her. She's your wife.
O'BRIEN: Yeah.
BASHIR: I'm just saying maybe you like me a bit more, that's all.
O'BRIEN: I do not.
BASHIR: You spend more time with me.
O'BRIEN: We work together.
BASHIR: We have more in common.
O'BRIEN: Julian, you are starting to annoy me.
BASHIR: Darts, racquetball, Vic's lounge, the Alamo. Need I go on?
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