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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

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Kirk55555, there's a lot of misogyny early on in Dollhouse, that turn a number of viewers off. The misogyny is important to the story and things do change in S2. I can't think of anything aside from possibly the early misogyny (Judging by things you've been disappointed by in your other posts) that would irritate you in Dollhouse, but, I think you'd enjoy the story overall if you stick with it.

Oh yea, and Nolan wrote and directed it, and Chiana is the Co-Star (Jus' Kiddin' )
If it gets good, I can handle stuff like the misogyny. I was on the fence about getting it, but the more I saw of trailers (non spoilers), the more I got interested. It definately seems like something I could like, and if anyone could make this concept into an entertaining show, its Joss Whedon.

With Nolan, after seeing Memento and Inception, even if he was involved I couldn't call it an automatic failure (damn him for making two awesome movies ). As for Chiana...that would be a deal breaker
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