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Re: Babylon 5 - Why 'Sinclair' left the show

Jerry Doyle also believes Obama is a planted Muslim spy so y'know, best not to put too much value in his words. And this is coming from somebody who hates Obama.

Mysterion wrote:
Well, while a lot of folks deride Season 1 for a number of reasons (the effects, acting, etc.), it is the foundation that the rest of the series necessarily stands on. JMS is very actively setting-up almost everything else that happens in Babylon 5 in that first season. If you ignore it, you're missing out on a lot when you get down the road.
I don't even just appreciate it as set-up, I think it's just an awesome season in of itself. Love that blue collar, gritty atmosphere which is completely absent from every later season. The station really feels like a dangerous, lively ghetto. Afterwards, the emphasis is more on outside threats so the show loses its atmosphere in favour of larger, epic storytelling. Bit of a shame really.
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