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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

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Without consumers there are no publishers. You've got it completely backwards that consumers should be the ones to bend over backwards to please the corporations.
You misunderstand me, I never said that this is how it should be, but this is how it is. How should it be? I don't know, at most I buy one game a year, maybe two. I usually rent at Blockbuster. I am most certainly not a businessman either so what I say is from my limited understanding. To be honest, I plan to wait until the damn thing actually comes out before I make any judgements. Anything else is just supposition on my (and our) part.

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One possibility is if the X1 has some sort of DRM block, it might be more attractive to developers to design exclusive games for the consle.
And that's the big thing here. The consumer has power, most assuredly it does, but will they care? If the X1 does it, and perhaps the PS4 follows suit, will those protesting this kinda thing stay with the 360 and PS3 forever? Very interesting to see what will come in the next few months.
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... Alternatively, this DRM really was MS's brainchild and is part of their plan to make money off the used game market. This rumour, supposedly from retail sources, claims that MS is imposing terms on retailers that want to resell XBO games and that MS and the publishers will get the lion's share of the profit. Maybe MS saw another avenue to make money, got the publishers on board by offering them money too, and failed to anticipate the scale of the backlash?
Very interesting!! I don't see what's so objectionable about this arrangement other than the 24 hour mandatory log in. As long as there is pricing parity, from the perspective of the consumer, nothing's changed. The retailer has a smaller profit margin, but let's face it... They've enjoyed an outrageous gross profit on the used game market anyway. You buy a new game at $60, play it and you go back to the store, they give you $20-$25 back... $30 at the most. They then sell your game for $55. There is room for the publisher to get a piece.

All in all, I'll have to see how the PS4 is going to deal with this. If this is a Microsoft initiative, this could cause publishers to favor that platform.
Logical from the publisher's point of view.
When does the damn thing come out anyway?
Here's proof that I can write something without using the word f**k.
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