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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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So could it be these final three TCW bonus/season 6 stories?
1. Order 66 Malfunction
2. Sifo Dias story
3. Clovis story
And also the Yoda arc

Assuming the Clovis arc is 4 episodes, which would be consistent with the rest of season 5, and that season 6 would possibly have continued this trend, there could be at least 16 episodes.
Which means we may be getting almost another season.
You typed the words straight out of my fingers. Unless two or more of those stories includes A and B storylines.

Any chance that this bonus content would be part of the TCW: Season 5 dvd/blurays? Or would that be too simple for Disney? They may enjoy locking it in their damned vault for a couple of decades first.
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