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Re: Babylon 5 - Why 'Sinclair' left the show

I like Jerry Doyle's acting but he comes across as a real nasty piece of work in real life so I'm not gonna bank too much on his account of things.

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O'Hare's portrayal of sinclair in the first season of B5 is not wooden in any sense of the word. Sinclair when we see him is a broken person. He's got what is possibly the worst case of PTSD in the history of the human race. And O'Hare's performance is a nuanced and sensetive portrayal of this.
Yup. He's pitch perfect. I like Boxleitner too but O'Hare's performance is a huge part of getting the audience involved in the show's story. This is the scene that got me hooked on B5.

The transformation from a broken man to calm, collected messiah is the greatest character arc in the show. Man, I wanna rewatch B5 now .
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