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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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The past few days have been some exciting ones for Star Trek fan productions. I'm a big fan of both Phase II and STC, just as I am a big fan of James and Vic. It was actually being a fan of Vic's voice acting & music that led me to discover James Cawley and this whole world of fan productions in 2009. The panel they did together with Gil Gerard was so EPIC. I've always loved TOS & was amazed at what these people were doing! Although I lament that they went separate ways, we ended up with two awesome productions. It's still hard for me not to imagine the possibilities, had they continued to combine their considerable forces and love of Star Trek. Different personalities, but both larger than life, magnetic people. And both so full of WIN
Exactly (minus the personal experience which I don't have).

As a fan, I love the fact that both productions exist so there is more for me to enjoy. And it's not just Phase II and Continues, there's all the other TOS-era stuff out there that I want to see when and if it gets completed. (Fan films are always an if before the first episode comes out, it's hard work)

Phase II

Look at all those projects, and at least three groups with standing full-scale bridge sets, and they're just what's out there for TOS and earlier; and three projects have passed the first episode hump. If even half the other four make it, we're entering a golden age.

It's a great time to be a TOS-era fan.
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