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Re: Would you use a transporter?

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If you had a fully functional 24th-century transporter available to you, would you use it if it were guaranteed not to malfunction?

With everything we know about the technology, do you really think a transporter moves you from one place to another, or does it destroy you in one place and recreate you in another? Do you really believe that the person who dematerializes at point A is the same person who rematerializes at point B?

Or is this all "metaphysical nonsense" as Emory Erickson claimed?
I would never step into one. In order to work, it has to kill me (desintegrating is pretty much killing) then use my pattern to create a perfect copy of me. Screw that, I'll take a shuttle.

Of course, if it's a wormhole transporter, count me in.
So basically you want a Portal Gun.
Ummm.... who doesn't?
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