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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion
"Some reports had said only two Clone Wars arc would be completed, though more were underway when the series was cancelled. But USA Today says “a few” are being completed, and the Plo-Koon/Syfo-Dias arc is one we haven’t heard about before. It’s assumed one arc will likely be the one involving Anakin, Padme and the character Clovis (clips were shown a year ago for this storyline, originally intended for Season 5) and another recently released clip hints at a big Order 66 storyline, so it seems we have at least three more arcs."

I know this is month old news, but there's hope that we are getting three arcs and not two as previously suggested. It's news to me. However, wouldn't it stand to reason that a Sifo Dias third arc may also involve Hondo/Sing in some way? I'm making the (loose) connection because I recall reading somewhere when the series was canceled that two stories were ready, but a third which revealed the 'fate' of Hondo and Sing would not be released despite its status as being very nearly completed. If Disney published anything post-cancelation then wouldn't it be logical to assume the stories closer to completion would be finished?

So could it be these final three TCW bonus/season 6 stories?
1. Order 66 Malfunction
2. Sifo Dias story
3. Clovis story
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