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Re: Can I suggest an Art Contest?

As a non-3D artist, I would like to encourage contest ideas that don't necessarily involve making a spaceship or gizmo, which gives me no chance whatsover and I do not wish to embarass myself any more than strictly necessary.

I like this idea a lot:

"In the style of..." - a scene or a portrait either in the style of a famous artist (from any era up to present day) or emulating a specifc painting with Trek settings & characters.
I dibs: Andy Warhol style portrait of Dukat. He's such an egomaniac, I can just see him with that in his palace on Cardassia. Back when things were going well with the Dominion, that is...

I also like this one:

I'd like to see some of the non-humanoids from the Star Trek books, or those only mentioned in the canon, brought to life.
I've been thinking for a while what the Medusans might look like when they developed exoskeletons to let them interact better with Federation humanoids. Maybe I'll start working on that now, just in case...
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