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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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"The United states of America is just a description of a 50 regions on the greater continent of America, just like I could say that you are a bag of meat."

And so on.
LOL and you are mostly right. Now there is all these parts of the US that want to promote "state's rights" over "federal jurisdiction", they seem to have forgotten that we fought a civil war over that one almost one hundred and fifty years ago and they lost. Only then some states wanted to right to sanction slavery while it was prohibited on the federal level. The division was so bad for a while before the civil war that you couldn't bring in a new state without bringing in one on the opposite side.

A lot of states are mostly alike, Louisiana and Mississippi for example. I'm from Texas and as we say here, "Texas is like a whole nother country." (FYI that isn't a typo). Oklahoma with it's multiple Native American cultures has a lot of diversity culture wise. Although if Mother Nature doesn't stop wiping it out with EF5 Tornados, everyone just might pack up and leave.
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