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Re: What Trek is in your DVD/Blu ray collection?

TOS DVDs, purchased in the original 2-episode per disk format sold one disk at a time.

TOS Blu-Ray. Hated to rebuy it after spendng, what, $600 for the DVDs. But I had to do it. Thankfully it wasn't TOO expensive.

TAS DVD set.

TNG DVD set. Definitely NOT worth rebuying on Blu Ray to me.

Best of Both Worlds blu-Ray. What the hell. Oh - I also have it on laserdisc!

DS9 - buying it one season at a time and rewatching. Up to S6 now.

That's it. I have no interest in V'Ger or Boobyprise on disk.

I also have all of New Voyages/Phase II burned to DVD.
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