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I am actually getting very annoyed at people constantly saying that the Kirk/spock warp core scene was a ripoff. Sure, if you look at the scene without thinking about it at all then it could be. But if you actually look at the plot of the movie and why they even put the scene in there in the first place you might begin to realize that MAYBE its not just a ripoff.

The engine seen wasn't just a complete copy of Wrath of Khan. That's just nitpicking, angry fans. It was detrimental to the plot of the movie. Kirk sacrificing his life for his crew basically mirrored how his dad sacrificed his life for his crew. Because of this, Kirk finally lived up to Pike's dare that he could do better than his dad (hence the sound byte played when he wakes up). This wraps up Pike's character arc of "parenting" Kirk and also sets up kirk's character as finally a decent captain that achieved greatness.

Also, the reason spock got so angry was because after Kirk died he finally realized what it was like to have a friend and what he had just lost. Spock also learned why Kirk did what he did in the opening scene, and why emotions are so important. Both Kirk and Spock learned something from this scene. That scene was a HUGE amount of character development. Sure, it was also a blatant copy of Wrath of Khan when it comes to cinematography, but why does that matter when it has completely different character developments and motivations associated with it? Three character arcs are wrapped up in one scene that also happens to be a big reference to wrath of Khan. Why does that take away from the movie?
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