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Red Letter Media isn't so much a review as it is its own type of, well, media. It's more of a commentary on movies similar to MST3K than it is any kind of actual review, and they're always done in jest. If you've never watched the reviews of the Star Wars prequels or the Star Trek Next Generation movies, you should at least give it a shot. But yeah, they're not for everybody.
I love the Harry Plinket "reviews" on Red Letter Media, but their regular "Half In The Bag" series of reviews is like a demented Siskel and Ebert in that they are actual reviews in the more traditional sense, along with an ongoing subplot of "wackiness"...
Oh, I stand corrected.

Well, that does sound kind of odd then. But a 40 minute review is probably not much different than say, a 240+ page review thread about the movie. I'm sure all the same points are covered.
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