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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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Well, I actually think it makes sense to specify a negro here. We're talking 1960s television and that may have been the only way the writer (or whomever) could guarantee ethnic diversity. Leave the specification out and the casting department may think "Oh, a Commodore must be white. Kirk can't have a black superior officer."
That's basically the way things were in television back then. Not so much that Kirk couldn't have a black superior officer; it was more that non-race-specific roles were played by white actors by default.

And yes, I'm old enough to remember when they were called Negroes.
oh, lord. me thinks it was written into the script to throw doubt on the accuracy of the chart. perhaps it be forged. perhaps it be delibrately there to show the comodores incompetence. by all things holy may be he was a slacker and made up em ships to snow over kirk into thinking he be busy workin hard when half them ships not even be there! so emphasis on the n word be to cast doubt and it sure as dang well convincs me why them there nccs be funky.

i personly feel it in my heart and soul that mr. josephs numbers be right. since the man gene, bless his soul, approved of them there prints, authorized them, nad couldve at any time told mr. joseph to go with these or any other numbers for his ships. specially since they be like on sheet 1, the title sheet. that there makes a kinda sense now there dont it.

i also have it from a higher source that mr. joseph read that there top ship number as 1708 not 1709. see that be exactly what a gal named ruth berman interpreted it as too. because you see like back then there be no dvds or vcrs. and 1708 is the intrepid by golly going by mr. joseph, and again there be (bless his soul) mr. great bird signing off on these prints with those there numbers on the first sheet and all.
they made quite an impression being int he smitonian and all. then they be carrid on to the technical manual. and my dice-chuckin pallys were always keen on joseph numbers as they were used in their star trek battles board gamez. i evn heard they be heard in the first real star trek flick by epsilon 9. i figure and feel in my soul thet they kinda carry lots of weight around like after i had a big fat meal. the numbers even reckon in some novels and plenty of them there blueprint packs the nerds go fer at the conz.

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