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In this case, JJ was wrong, you did need to know Trek to fully "appreciate" the inclusion.
I'm being approached by friends who know I'm a diehard fan, and they want to tell me their thoughts on STiD. They've only seen ST (2009) and now STiD, had scant knowledge of who Khan was, but still loved the new movie! Had they been confused, I'd agree with your assertion. But they had no questions about Khan or his motivations.
Personal experiences may vary! Discussions I've had with the casual fans didn't really know the weight of the revelation of Khan (of course, some just needed their memory jogged!) I feel that the Spock cameo actually served that purpose: to let them know: "Hey, this guy will kill you all to advance his goals!"

Also, some of the people I've talked to about it thought there was a possibility that Khan wouldn't necessarily turn "good" but wouldn't cross Kirk. These aren't dumb people, but it seems that those of us who have a more obsessive eye to our entertainment that they miss all the little "tells" in the story that would indicate Khan a true villain.

Perception really is tricky, when I have to curb my tendency to say "How could you miss that?" when TV shows, books and movies give you the answers if you pay attention. Then I come here, and find that I miss things too: themes, ideas, concepts, and just as important, interpretations. Especially on the Literature forum here! I'm the biggest Trek expert I know in real life, but man... I get schooled here!!
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