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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I gave in (stupid marketing tricks) and bought the Legacy Starter from Steam.

I wanted a T5 ship and the T'Varo seems to be the most interesting choice, so getting a T1 starter ship, a Reman Boff and a title at the same time for basically the same money seemed reasonable.
Just had to pay it cash instead of using ZEN.

Well now I still have enough Zen to get bank/inventory/doff slots, etc... and maybe even a second ship or ship modules for a fleet ship.

Come to think of it... isn't the T'Varo fleet refit already available in our ship yard? That means I can get the upgrade right away (still have one module lying around!).

Looking forward to posting my set up once I get there!

And starting this evening I will be on vacation with enough time to play the hell out of Commander Sotrall.
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