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Re: Saucer Separation

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Well, I agree that the deuterium tanks are big. And a cubic centimeter of deuterium might even be heavier than a cubic centimeter hydrogen.- so, there is certainly a lot of mass there. But think about all that metal and what not resting in saucer. In the saucer, more room is filled with denser matter. The battle section would probably fit 2-3 times in the saucer volume!
I think you misunderstand what I'm saying. Overall, the saucer would be LESS dense than the stardrive. After all, the stardrive has all the equipment in it - the warp and main impulse engines, the deuterium tanks, antimatter generators, and all the equipment that sits behind the deflector dish (which goes back quite a way - LINK), as well as two torpedo launchers and the associated torpedoes. On the other hand, the saucer section is mostly empty space, just rooms and labs and the giant hole of the main shuttlebay. The heaviest part of the saucer would probably be the twin impulse engines, but as they are designed to move just the saucer, not the full ship, the two of them combined would still be smaller than the main impulse engine in the neck.

So, going by volume, yes, I agree that the saucer is much larger. But the mass would still, I think, be less.

I don't agree with the deflector-point. We don't know much about the materials used for it ( FC states its loaded wit anti-protons - not quite heavy stuff.). But the saucer has enough comparable architecture 3 or 4 time the volume of the deflector dish. On the contrary: I'd even state, that the deflector dish takes away from the potential to have more mass in the battle section.
As I said beofre, it's not just the dish, it's all the gizmos behind it as well. The huge array of sensors, etc.

Considering the nacelles... it's a little weird to count them in. The point is, the volume and the mass of the nacelles aren't really important, because we're talking about how big the nacalles should be to carry a certain mass.
But the nacelles also have to carry their own mass, remember. It's similar to rockets. You have to take the weight of the rocket fuel into account when deciding how much rocket fuel you need.

If we can make one point then we would have to say that the nacelles could be even smaller, if just used with the battle section.
I'd agree with that.

But don't let us get drawn away! The point was that you need to give up space in the saucer section, if the saucer is supposed to have warp drive. But, in the eyes of starfleet, this could have rendered the ship useless to them. It's still a scientific vessel.
Maybe, maybe not. We'll never know.

But my point was just that any warp drive system that was designed to move just the saucer by itself would certainly not need to be as large or as powerful as a warp drive system that was designed to move that same saucer as well as the stardrive section also.
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