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Re: Currently Untitled JJverse Next Gen Production

Timeline planning is currently where I need the most help. I agree I want to have it be more of a character piece and less of a "Mystery, Discovery, Resolution" episode format. I simple use the term series because I plan more than one. I kind of wish to have it be in a somewhat BBC's Sherlock format of longer than an hour episodes with an overall story arc told through multiple episodes with no more than 5 episodes per season.

Though I'm not doing the ship/station/crew format exactly, I do want to have all of those elements designed in case I need to include them.

Come the time that the Enterprise is introduced, I want to give the impression that Picard doesn't need a family in the genetic sense, the crew is his family.

Also, love your thoughts on the real purpose behind Picard getting his own command after the Stargazer. Admittedly I still want the Ferengi to be a relatively comical species, if at the time they've managed to buy superior tech they still could be threatening.
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