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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

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It's silly that publishers think they should get money from secondhand sales. What other business gets profit from secondhand sales? You don't see your local furniture shop arguing that they should get money on that chair you sell, or electronics store saying they should get a cut from the sale of your old TV. Hell even the music business doesn't think they should get some of the money from selling your old CDs. Why do games publishers think they should?

The fact is they already make extra money from being able to sell DLC twice and online passes and the like. And a lot of gamers take money they made from trade-ins to buy new games so they make money on that too. It's stupid.
Quite agree, the second hand games argument is all based on one premise, that those buying second hand games would instantly buy full price games if second hand games did not exist, when in reality what will happen are those who buy second hand games will simply steer clear of a gaming system that has second hand games block, plus people who do buy new games and then trade them in for even newer games will also steer clear of said system.

So their short sightedness and greed will have a double knock on effect for them, but i suppose the best way for them to find this out is to actually have a system that does all this, hence the xbox one, its going to be fun watching it fail then watching MS throwing publishers demands out the window and try to patch its all out and save their system, it's a train wreck waiting to happen.

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