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Thank you for your detailed rebuttal to my review. I am honored that someone would not only take the time to read it but to put more effort into the reply than my original review. You kinda convinced me to your way of thinking and that maybe I remembered the movie wrong.

But I still say --

The colors are mostly all unnatural.

The score was forgettable (everyone can hum starwars, raiders and even the star trek tv shows music).

The new Enterprise set looks too clinical.

The Kirk/Spock goodbye scene was way way too corny.

McCoy said, "I'm a doctor not an Engineer" too many times. I thought he said it three times in the movie. If not then maybe the way it was used made it feel that it was too much.

And the new transporter effect was too drasticly changed. The changes seen in the other movies were okay because technology advanced. This movie is still in the days of young Kirk and Spock.
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