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Re: Time and Again paradox

I don't know if you're thinking of it "right". The episode seems to depict a closed-loop of cause-and-effect. There were no versions of Janeway and Paris that did not prevent the disaster.

1. Voyager stumbles over a ruined planet; Janeway and Paris land an investigate.
2. Janeway and Paris are thrown back in time to before the planet was destroyed.
3. Chakotay et al. try to rescue Janeway and Paris from the past. Their "bore hole" through subspace caused the disaster (it made the big boom when it destroyed a power plant, I think).
4. Janeway prevents the rescue, thus preventing the explosion and thereby preventing them from being thrown back in time, and therefore not needing rescue in the first place. "This time" (the only time from their perspective, really), Voyager flies by the planet without stopping.

The timeline where Janeway and Paris are in the past is "self-destructive", I guess. It existed, but left no evidence of its existence.

Frankly, having the first two episodes of VOY deal with time and space anomalies was a bad idea, in my opinion. This episode was a giant reset button. We saw the characters, got to know them a little better, but there was no character growth, because nothing happened in the episode, as far as the characters are concerned.
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