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Re: Updating FJ's technical manual?

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It's only there to sound technical.
It is meaningless.
The double-speak is meaningless since it only equals one.

But the dialogue itself still indicates an increase in capability - so it isn't completely meaningless. Just sayin'

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Props are there to make the scene look like it takes place in the future, even though the props aren't from the future.

This dialog is there to make it sound like technical jargon is being spoken, even though none is. The average viewer probably isn't very good at math (not that good) and can't tell the difference, anyway. From that point of view, the dialog's perfectly effective and isn't something the writers, actors, or director need to sweat.
Yes, why were we even focusing on this dialogue anyway?
I brought it up as an example of what canon to filter out/tweak, when compiling a TM.

The intent is, as you say, clearly that the sound is amplified. They simply needed to say something like this:

Gentlemen, this computer has an auditory sensor. It can, in effect, hear sounds. We've installed a booster, to increase that capability. The computer should bring us every sound occurring on the ship.
Perhaps the intent was to increase the sound by four orders of magnitude, but that's not at all what came out. Really, the actual number should have been irrelevant.
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