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Re: Would you like a bsg style reboot of Star trek?

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I was disappointed by 2009 reboot of star trek because i hoped it was an opportunity to put off the most naif part of star trek. Unfortunately the reboot highlight the part of star trek i don't like.

I'd like tp see a reboot of star trek like the reboot of BSG:

-no alien
-no superweapons
-no magic technology (transponder,replicator,universal translator)
-no particle of the week
-with more internal coherence
-no time travel

and you?
One of the great things about nBSG was that it was different from Star Trek. Different being the key.

I don't think franchises should emulate each other to the point of interchangeability. It's much better that they play to the strengths of what makes them unique.

You can't have Star Trek without aliens.

As far as the technology, what seems magical today might not be hundreds of years from now.

I'm not saying I think Star Trek is an accurate portrayal of what the future will be. I'm definitely not saying that. But only projecting forward based on today is equally inaccurate. Progress can move backwards, forwards, or sideways. A new factor can come in that changes everything. Something that we think might be the wave of the future might only go so far. A technology might emerge that we might think of as ridiculous today.
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