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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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I made mention on their FB page that there was a conspicuous absence of the Klingon Negh'Var class in the Ship List. Out of all ships NOT to do, wouldn't think that would be one of them. Wasn't the first appearance of those in "All Good Things"? The Future ENT-D will be one of the special issues, so I'm wondering if the Negh'Var will be a special issue as well.

Their FB page also has a photo showing the Reliant and Vor'cha models on a computer desk. Reliant was painted. Vor'cha was not.
Now that you mention it, I didn't see the Pasteur on that list either. Oh well, there's ones I'm looking more than that.

Obviously, the image of the Reliant and Vor'cha are a work in progress.

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It is taking all my self control to not preorder. When it comes out in fall I should have money though, so we'll see if this actually flies.
I hope they get enough demand to see it all the way through as I have a wormhole forming in my wallet that leads straight to Eaglemoss.

I won't pre-order and do the whole thing though. Yes, I will purchase many of the ships, but not all. I can tell you now that I will get most of the Federation ships (all the Enterprises) and a few alien ships.

I guess I could say that out of the 65+ ships that will be released, I will buy at least 30 of the ones listed on the Memory-Alpha page.

Yeah, I may not get all of them myself.

None of the ships from "Nemesis" were terribly memorable for me, for instance. Same goes for some of the alien ships from "Voyager" (kind of ambivalent about the Hirogen, Malon, and 8472 ships, though the Krenim one might be interesting). The Suliban cell ship doesn't sound very exciting (again, I'd rather have the Andorian ship or the second Vulcan ship). Ferengi Marauder? Meh. Bajoran sailing ship? Meh. I'm also not sure how many Borg designs need to get model treatment. (I think the cube and sphere are more than enough).

I've pretty much never met a Federation or Klingon design I didn't like (aside from those hideous kit-bashes, with the exception the Centaur and New Oreleans class). Granted, most of them have been done a million times, but I'm really excited for the ones that haven't. Really looking forward to those Dominion/Breen ones too. (You could pose them in some neat little battle scenes, if you ignored the scale difference).

It'll be interesting to see some of the never-done Xindi ones and a few other 22nd century ships.
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