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Currently Untitled JJverse Next Gen Production

As a subsidiary of my prop and costuming business, I'm trying to branch out into fan productions and this is my big debut.

The concept:
The pilot would be focused primarily on Picard, likely culminating in the Stargazer incident essentially how it happened in the Prime universe. Beyond that we would explore original plot lines for the most part during Next Gen's era, while trying to avoid remaking episodes as best we can.

The design:
We're going for a JJ overall feel but I'll be toning down some aspects mainly due to budget restrictions. However the visuals and size/scale of things will be hopefully still preserved. Around these parts that may have some of you a little worried, I understand, but it's just how I choose to go with Trek. All species other than human will be undergoing at least some minor changes in appearance, some more than others. And in some rare occasions I'll even be differing from JJ's take on specific species.

Still waiting on a reply from an old friend but I'm hoping to get Josh Samuelson, aka MadeinJapan1988 on deviantart for our ship designer.
He did an exploration of a JJ Enterprise D a while back. She's not final, but she'll damn close to this for my production.

As for wardrobe, I'm shooting for VERY fashion forward, having my friend Paige, aka PrinceHamlette do the warbrode design including uniforms and civilian clothes.
Here's a little sample of her take on the TOS Romulan Commander.

CASTING, there's the final piece of the puzzle and so far all I have for sure is my Picard, admittedly he's still rather young but that's intentional since we first will be seeing him young.

I'd like to hear all of your thoughts on such a project as I finish pre-production. I'd also love to answer any and all answers about the specifics of the project.
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