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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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So the season 8 arc is about, partly or in whole, Osiris.
Not exactly. But the means by which she arrived on Earth do play a crucial part in the season.

I'm not a military expert, are he and Jacks rank as Col equal, are there levels like General?
There are two Colonel ranks, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel, sometimes referred to informally as a "full bird Colonel." Both O'Neill and Dixon are "full birds" making them equal rank. In fact, the episode has both referring to each other by their first names, which wouldn't be allowed if they weren't equal.

Now as a sidebar we also have another one of these oversight reviews being done. This time by Robert Picardo(ST:Voyager). Once it was Simmons(John De Lancie), is it a running gag for STrek to be "judging" SG-1? LOL!
Heh, interesting observation. I never thought of it that way before.

While Dr.Frasier is treating Bateman she gets hit with a staff weapon....and dies?!! Seriously now, is Dr.Frasier dead(don't really answer, I know it's sci-fi--Asgardian, Ancients and Tok'ra miracles lurk...right?).
She was just a part time support player so is there a real world reason? Did the Teryl Rothby land a full time gig on another show? I'm avoiding IMDB when these questions arise to not spoil myself, just thinking out loud.
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