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Re: Jeri Ryan possibly responsible for Obama's presidency?

In theory Michelle and Barry are equally perverse, which could mean that they are not perverse at all, or the complete opposite, but the point is that they are equally matched and neither is going to run away in disgust crying after being asked to redefine their boundaries.

Jack and Jeri are not sexually compatible, and one or both of them was lying about who they were and what they wanted if they got through 8 years of marriage and 2 children before they figured that out.

To be fair.

Jack saw pictures of Seven of Nine and assumed that they were like minded individuals.

To be fair... All sexual aspiration you have to bury your junk into Seven of Nine is misdirected lust which should be aimed squarely at the brain of Brannon Braga.

Actresses are meat.

They don't think.

They do what they're told and count their money.

When jeri Ryan isn't a piece of meat doing what she's told by a pervert, she's a real person with feelings and sensibilities (who was married to a pervert for far too long.).
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