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Re: TOS camera usage

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Just finished the Solow/Justman book for a third time, and I don't think that story is in it. Care to share some details?
George Merhoff's name appears in the credits of every episode as Gaffer all the way through and including "Turnabout Intruder." When did this firing take place?
I'm stumped with that one; if it wasn't that book, I can't think of another one that might be the source. I'm pretty certain I'm not confusing him with George Rader, because I'm sure he was on for the full run. Now I'm feeling bad for dumping most of my reference books and clippings back in '04.

Okay, I officially apologize for and retract the previous statement until I can find a source for it. I'm really pissed and puzzled right now.
The unfortunate anecdote is related in STAR TREK MEMORIES by William Shatner. If I recall (I'm at work now), Merhoff was in charge of the lighting crew when the studio blamed them for some schedule slippage. Merhoff started keeping a notebook of times and events, and proved that it was really directors who were to blame.

For his trouble, Merhoff was demoted from crew boss to one of the grunts. It was unfair and humiliating, but that's office politics in a nutshell.

Correct me if you have the book at hand.
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