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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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For instance, in what order are we supposed to follow the symbols? What do the different colors and types of link represent? Why do some of the arrows go both ways?
That's where my issues with it lay. That's what I meant by overly complicated. What do all the colors and symbols mean to the more casual fan or even uninitiated viewer of the Prequels? I don't think the chart is too large or lengthy, in fact it's pretty small insofar as flow charts based on popular sci-fi/fantasy universes tend to go....I just think a lot of observers wouldn't know what on earth half of the symbols, multidirectional arrows and dotted lines mean.

I get it all and with no problems because I'm a lifelong Star Wars geek who paid more attention to that universe than I probably should have. Others who are much younger, just getting into the Saga or are completely new to the story? They'd probably be lost without a paddle.

For instance, there's an image of Asajj Ventress from the Clone Wars storylines both old and new. Unless you've been watching the two different Cartoon Network series and reading the associated written materials dating back to 2003 then you likely won't have one clue as to who that little image is supposed to represent, which means you won't understand the Count Dooku connection with her - and that's if a recent fan or newbie remembers or even knows Dooku to begin with.
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