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Re: New Treknology Into Darkness

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Gary Seven's transport looked a bit different.
But apparently wasn't, since Kirk's hardware was so inconveniently compatible with it...

The problem I have with transwarp beaming is that something has to maintain the confinement beam until you reach the destination.
It clearly isn't the originating transporter, though, as transportees often rematerialize safely long after this transporter has been destroyed. Sounds like the confinement beam is self-maintaining, until the point where it no longer is, that is.

Well, except that it isn't clear why they can't just scan the volcano's interior and beam a device in with a timer, or why the volcano threatens the planet rather than just the local population, or what the device is actually supposed to do, since capping the volcano will just lead to pressure increasing until the volcano explodes with even greater force. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
We have previously seen that transporters have trouble penetrating about two kilometers of ordinary rock. Just add a smidgen of mysterium into the rock and you seriously reduce transporter performance. Not reliable enough for beaming a unique device into place - but reliability ceases to be a concern when it's the only way to extract a fellow officer.
Lol - yes but these explanations aren't all that satisfactory. Earth is moving fast, Qo'onos is moving fast. We can't beam you out of a volcano or from inside the katric ark (which in fairness might be shielded) but we luckily can beam you from one planet to a specific deserted location on another planet? Was it sheer luck that Harrison transported at the exact time that the planetary locations were aligned or can they beam through the hot centre of planets but not volcanoes?
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