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Re: NHL 1st Round 2013 playoffs

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Vigneault was never a strong coach and he just seemed to be belligerent in interviews.
Seem he failed to light a fire under the teams asses when it counted.
I suspect Gillis will be gone by Dec. if the team fails to perform.

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And the worst kept secret in the NHL is now confirmed: Patrick Roy is the new coach and VP of the Avalanche.

This is either going to be the best or worst decision in recent memory.
Another reason to keep my intense dislike for the AV's .

IF he coaches them like he did his kids team they'll be in the sin bin a whole lot.
Roy was one of the most arrogant players I saw play the game
Gillis backed himself into a corner with Luongo. The longer he waits, the more of a distraction it is and the less he gets back.
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