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Re: Return to the Dollhouse

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^ Ghost to Omega does constitute a full season, but whatever; it's pointless to argue about this.
Yeah, it's pointless and ultimately not even that important. However, Ghost to Omega is only a broadcast season and personally I don't care so much about that, production is what matters to me and in that case Epitaph One is the season finale. Personally I don't care about forced chronological order, some fans put too much importance on that.

I also agree with SAndrews10 that seeing the events of Epitaph One before season 2 adds something, I can't say more because I don't want to spoil anything but I think it's a very powerful episode and it's perfect at the end of season 1.
Yeah, the writers had a reason why they made it a season 1 finale, and I think it worked really well that way and added a lot of season 2. I don't get the insistence on viewing everything chronologically, instead of the production order, which is how the creators wanted to episodes to be seen.
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