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Re: "Yeah, Buffy ... what ARE we gonna do now?"

How is it even possible to choose just one favorite moment? Or one quote? Or one episode? I could be listing them all night long...

(Faith is one of my favorite Buffy/Angel characters, BTW.)

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Tara's death was a huge shock. I was never a huge fan of the three evil nerd, and I still don't get why one was not only allowed to live, but was allowed to apparently become a watcher, I think, and go be an ass to Angel later
Really it was one evil alpha nerd and his two cronies who seemed to mostly just be having fun playing at super-villain. Considering how many of them had been unrepentant murderers at some point, holding him to a higher standard when the worst thing he ever did directly was kill his own fellow 'villain' while under the influence of the First is pretty harsh. Besides that, he was so goddamn pathetic. Like, whiny-mopey-rapey-Spike-level pathetic.
Andrew is a lot more pathetic than whiny-mopey-rapey Spike, and a lot harder to take seriously (which nobody did). I agree with most of the rest, but it's not quite correct to say he was "under the influence of the First" - it sounds like he had no free will, when he really did. He was just weak and easily influenced, especially by Warren, or a Warren look-alike in this case.
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