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Re: Into Darkness DS9 references (SPOILERS)

I started cringing from "You'd better get down here".

I've seen it for a second time and I am now regrettably certain of my initial appraisal - a lacking, vacuous waste of an opportunity. I'd rather say so here than in the NuTrek forum as any deviation from the Abrams bandwagon has the usual posse jumping up and down and - frankly - I'm not impressed. As I said, I had every expectation of enjoying this movie and I have given it more than a fair chance.

Just an aside: Fans have invested a lot of time from pre-production to the premiere of STiD. Bearing this in mind, I think in the short run we can be a lot more forgiving of a film's faults. However, I wouldn't mind predicting in the long run that this film will not stand the test of time, and the standards and scrutiny people would normally apply will resurface.
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