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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

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I preordered mine the day Amazon put it up, 199 for the premium pack, they realised their mistake later and pulled it but thanks to Pre-order guarantee I got it at that price on release day.
I got mine only a few days ago just by accident from a Game i was passing by, they had a few prem packs going for 190, the box was damaged but the contents were in perfect condition, i thought why not, and i have to admit i am enjoying it, Mario in HD is just brilliant, and i will say that the few Wii games i put in like Resort and Wii sport and Pikmen do look very sharp compared to via the actual wii, i know the Wuii u does not upscale but the Wii game do look a lot sharper and more defined.

Nice to just relax and enjoy the game, forget acheveiments and trophys and DLC and simply play a game.

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