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Re: The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Part 2

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Now we're getting somewhere! I have a feeling they are about the get their new medallion center pieces, here's hoping!
That should make things interesting ......

Esteban: Yay!, we've found another city of gold. Oh, wait. We don't have the sun part of the medallions anymore. We can't open the doors.

Zares: What? You stupid kids! You had me chase you all the way to Asia for nothing.

In other news, Mysterious Cities of Gold is getting a Wii U / and 3DS game.

- based on the anime of the same name
- coming from Neko Entertainment
- being developed under the supervision of Flaoua
- switch between three heroes (Esteban, Zia and Tao)
- features a top-down view
- due out this Fall
And the subbed MKVs for episodes 06 and 07 are now available.
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