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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

Actually, even though I and a whole lot of other fans have given the Prequels (especially Episode I) flak for their overly complicated and political storylines that could seem muddled at times I'm probably in the minority when I give Lucas credit for wanting to tackle the newer trilogy in a more sophisticated and textured manner, even if the results were often clinical and missed the dramatic target. While I think his execution was too dry and stodgy at times and removed a little too much of the adventure and thrill from Star Wars films, his very political and Machiavellian scripts for I, II and III are proof that the SW universe isn't really aimed at kids and youngsters as much as critics like to take pokes at Lucas for turning his universe into a colossal toy and merchandising empire that has even sold kid's toothpaste and Band-Aids. Only older, more worldly and sophisticated audiences can grasp a lot of the political maneuvering and backstabbing in the Prequels and I have to thank Lucas for making his universe more sophisticated (if perhaps less fun and exciting) in those films.

I do think the flow chart above is a bit overcomplicated and would confuse the living crap out of someone who isn't already intimately familiar with the Saga and Palpatine's rise to Emperor of that galaxy, but it sure beats a much simpler and less interesting diagram that's dumbed down for a much younger audience.
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