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Re: Is it possible to make Trek Toys Kids would want?

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No, because kids these days are more into video games and won't buy enough toys to meet sales expectations and justify the costs of manufacturing them. There's literally no point making toys anymore unless they're designed to be collector's pieces.
And that's why (with a few exceptions) there haven't been any toy lines based on any blockbuster films (there were no toys or model kits based on Captain America: The First Avenger, for example and I would have loved to see those.)
Yes, there was. I bought some of them actually at my local Toys R Us when the movie was released.

But as far as the state of the toy industry, one thing to take into consideration is that the plastic used to make most toys are petroleum-based, so when the price of oil skyrockets, so do the price of the plastic, and so on. As a result, that's why the average 3.75-inch action figure these days is about ten bucks and bigger ones even more expensive. Like comic books, some toys are becoming an luxury item catering to an aging and dwindling customer base.

But the toy industry can't survive with just the collector's market alone, which is why you're seeing the big companies like Hasbro and Mattel begin to roll out more affordable action figures in the retail market with more simplified articulation and detail.
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