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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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. . . My boss' kid had one of those things [Opel GT], and every time he tried one of those 'high&mighty' acts at work because he could get away with it, I'd tell him somebody stole the back half of his car.
Naaah, I just don't see it.
It's something that doesn't come over as well in photos, but in person they definitely had a more chopped-off feel, which is why I could twig what Trevanian was talking about. A cousin of mine had one and it was a real POS. Buick dealerships sold them. Their hidden headlights were worked by a hand lever on the console, and instead of moving back and forward they rolled over sideways.

Going back to an earlier post, the only negative I remember talking about was the transporter effect. It was so different and kind of dark compared to the original, I remember it being called "ugly" by some friend or another. The flyby, however... There was the star destroyer fly over in Star Wars and then the tour around Enterprise... You just hadn't seen anything so huge, detailed, solid, believable and grand on screen before. It was more than a decade before I ever heard the sequence criticized as too long.
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