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C.E. Evans, you haven't refuted what Buzzkill said, and the data is only supporting what he said.

Yeah, that part covers the trademarks, like I said.

It doesn't cover copyright, which is clearly assigned to Paramount Pictures and MavroCine Pictures. As the text said. You know, the part you didn't type in.

If you are going to take the trouble to type in the text, you really should type it all in.
You still don't understand, although I've been quite clear. I'm not going to repeat myself again.

And you don't get it either, or perhaps are willfully ignoring it (exactly so).

Tell you what, I'm willing to bet both of you that if there's another Trek series, it won't be from Paramount or at the very least it'll be authorized by CBS and not Paramount.
Yeah, no. The point that I've been addressing is a very narrow one, actually.

You contradicted Buzzkill when he said that:

That's funny, because you also said:

That was exactly Buzzkill's point, which you said wasn't so when he said it and when I said, but somehow was so when you said it. When I said it, it looked like this:

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The text on my DVD of Star Trek (2009) clearly assigns copyright to both MavroCine Pictures and Paramount Pictures.
Copyright grants its holder certain rights, such as the privilege of limiting who may adapt their work to make derivative works and how. Since copyright has been assigned to Paramount, it is evident that Paramount has licensed Star Trek from CBS in such a way that they retain certain rights as the holder of the copyright. They paid CBS for that privilege. Otherwise, it would say it was copyright CBS.

Unquestionably, CBS could create a whole new Trek franchise independently of the JJverse, even in the TOS era with Kirk et al., and not owe Paramount a dime. Funny, Buzzkill made that point too, when he said:

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OTOH, they could certainly do their own new version of TOS without any reference to the Abramsverse.
You've really been barking up the wrong tree. I didn't contradict anything. Go look at my posts again and you'll see either I wasn't arguing the point--what you call "contradicting"--or simply didn't say what you're accusing me of at all.
Admiral Buzzkill wrote:
Yeah, "moving the goal posts" isn't even an adequate description of what C.E. Evans is doing in trying to avoid admitting that he's just flat-out wrong, here.
Accusing me of what you've done, eh? Doesn't matter, but I'm not wrong here, and saying that I am doesn't make it so. But if it makes you feel better about yourself, be my guest.
"Don't sweat the small stuff--it makes you small-minded..."
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